v0.4 of Open Shakespeare Released

April 16, 2007 in News, Releases

A new version of open shakespeare is out. Get it via the code page:

### Changelog

* Annotation of texts (js-based in browser) (ticket:20, ticket:21)
* Switch to unicode for internal string handling (resolves ticket:23: some
texts breaking the viewer)
* Add functional tests for the web interface (ticket:11)
* Substantial improvements to speed of concordance (ticket:22)
* Switch to genshi templates from kid
* Switch to plain WSGI from cherrypy

#### Outstanding Issues

* Annotation cannot handle long texts because of javascript performance

### About Open Shakespeare ###

A full open set of Shakespeare’s works along with anciallary material, a
variety of tools and a python API.

For more information see the about page:

Get involved:

Mailing list:

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