Latest Developments on Open Shakespeare (v0.8)

October 21, 2009 in Uncategorized

The last six months have seen significant developments on our Open Shakespeare project, many of which have are reflected on the website:

The most major advance is the availability of new HTML and PDF editions of the texts, see, for example, these versions of Twelfth Night:

We’ve also made improvements to multiview, cleaned up the web interface, revamped the domain model (proper Work/Edition/Resource distinction), and much more!

Going forward our main efforts are, on the “tech” side, to integrate a new (javascript) annotation system, and on the content side it’s developing our open “critical edition” (an effort now being led by some students at Oxford and Cambridge).

We’re also holding a regular Open Shakespeare (virtual) meetup every other Saturday @ 4pm (London time) with the next one this coming Saturday (the 24th). All are welcome, so if you’re interested in Shakespeare why not drop in — details for how to participate are on the project wiki page.

1 response to Latest Developments on Open Shakespeare (v0.8)

  1. I’m reading the works of Shakespeare in a year (2010) and blogging about it.

    I’ll be giving the peeps a shoutout now that I know you’re here.

    Best of luck with the project!

    • Bryan

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