Facebook, Newspaper Article, and Other Things

February 15, 2010 in Community, News

The Open Shakespeare Project has been getting some more publicity recently: we have founded a facebook group, with an amazing picture; and a student newspaper, Varsity, has published an article on our work.

In other news, I need to point out that the translation of Hamlet published on the website is one dating from around 1830, and that we will be trying to get more modern translations up soon. That said, Guizot’s work, as well as being conveniently outside of copyright, is also interesting in its own right: it was one of the earliest unadulterated translations published in France, and both influenced and provoked future translators. Since then, there have been many more, and, doubtless, there are many more to come…

Look out for this week’s word of the week, courtesy of Colette and arriving soon!

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