Minutes of Meeting 2010-10-24

October 25, 2010 in Minutes


Present: Rufus Pollock, James Harriman-Smith, Jack Belloli, Heather Gorn


  • RP + NS: getting annotation working!
  • JHS + RP: Annotation: getting started
  • JHS: WordPress: /help page (contents of current guide or start a fresh?)
  • HG: you might look at the look of site and frontpage
    • Source images: http://knowledgeforge.net/shakespeare/shkspr/file/tip/shksprdata/img/
  • JB: 2x Word of the days
  • JB: talk with colleagues at Christs esp. re shakespeare and art
  • JHS: write a short post giving evidence and source for main moby texts …


  • Annotation
    • Getting started instructions
    • (and getting started box — code shared with WDMMG?)
    • Help page
    • NS: ‘wiki-annotation’ – common, collaborative created annotation
    • Not clear what login does (or is necessary) – OpenID login
    • No display of user
    • Only show my annotations
  • Heather’s views on the website:
    • Better UI
    • How do stuff …

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