Meeting: 2011-07-06

July 11, 2011 in Minutes


James Harriman-Smith (JHS) Lucy Chambers (LC)
Kat Braybrooke


Founding a Working Group

  • Open Literature Working Group:



Art competition

  • UK art/illustration school shout-outs


JHS Flesh out open literature wiki
JHS Contact crowdfunder with proposal
JHS Write Crowdfunder proposal
JHS Call for art contributions: competition first in schools
JHS to contact humanities list about interested parties (suggest meetup in London)
JHS Open Literature Blog (Deprecate OpenShakespeare)
JHS Create Group on (use clipart for time being)
JHS to post idea to “aditya hari” & Kat Braybrooke.
JHS call for participation for tech-savvy people – mention as domain

LC to register
LC to give James openlit etherpad
LC to create

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