Annotation Sprint III

July 12, 2011 in News, Publicity, Shakespeare

Date: Thursday 14th July

Time: 9am to 5pm BST

(thus UTC 8am-4pm, EDT 4am-12 noon, PDT 1am-9am)

You can also follow us online using the hashtag #annotation or make suggestions on the Open Literature etherpad.

How to Participate

Step 0: Check your browser

To participate in the annotation sprint, you will need a recent version of Firefox or Chrome or Safari.

Step One: Login to Open Shakespeare [optional]

[optional]: you don’t need to login — but if you don’t your contributions will be anonymous.

To login you’ll need to obtain an OpenID if you don’t have one. Here’s how:

  1. Visit

  2. Click on the button ‘Sign up for an OpenID’

  3. Follow their instructions to create an OpenID by which you will be known when annotating

Now you’ve got an OpenID you can login:

  1. Go to our login page

  2. Click on the ‘OpenID’ button

  3. Copy and paste, or type out your OpenID, which looks like a web address

Step Two: Start Annotating!

  1. Go to Hamlet

  2. All the instructions are written on the side of the page in the ‘Annotation: Howto’ column

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