Annotations Sprint III: Hamlet: Aftermath

July 19, 2011 in Community, Shakespeare

See where this is going: a ground-breaking edition of Hamlet



Thursday 14th July saw our third annotation sprint, which pushed our annotation count up to 649 from 440. This means an average of over 200 comments per sprint, but, as previous sprints lasted for two days, this also suggests that this sprint had the highest level of participation yet.

The participants themselves, to judge from the analytics, were comprised of our regulars and 60 unique new visitors, many of whom must have stayed a little while in order to push the average time spent on the website up to five minutes for that day. As regards the provenance of these newcomers, thirty-seven were from the UK, fourteen from the States and the rest from all over the world, with five from India. Chrome was, surprisingly perhaps, the most popular browser, followed by Firefox, IE and then Safari.

Enough statistics. It was great to see the number of annotations shoot up, and I feel that we are almost at the point where we can produce at least a prototype edition of Hamlet!

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