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Meeting: 2011-09-05

James Harriman-Smith - September 10, 2011 in Minutes




Planning for the autumn: principles? Promoting article series


Email on okf discuss / humanities about BarCamp How do Panton principles apply to literature? – forward draft to email lists once you have something, cf jwyg

  • Check out
  • Check out Panton Principles
  • Good use of

Open Literature mailing lists – browse and encourage more direct participation from lurkers
Visualisations: of annotations on a specific text?
Future Hackday: for publishing open literature principles


Sunday 18th September 3pm / 4pm: Agenda: future text camp, progress with principles

Meeting: 2011-08-10

James Harriman-Smith - August 10, 2011 in Community, Minutes




  • Text Camp organisation
  • Administration
  • Debrief


  • Ping mark re: openbibli lis; register
  • Make clear that registration essential wiki and eventbrite empf free & sec
  • Copy out of wiki
  • Edit eventbrite to fri
  • Research open guide
  • Make sure new volunteers to LC
  • Add counters / status bars on openlit / wiki
  • Blogpost about editions

Meeting: 2011-08-04

James Harriman-Smith - August 4, 2011 in Community, Minutes




Text Camp Activities

  • Speakers?
  • Topics?

Text Camp Attendance/admin

  • JISC
  • Promotional materials
  • OKF presence


  • Ask wifi – remote attendance
    • irc channel, skype …
  • Read up on XCamp activities
  • Ping Ben O’Steen, Mark McGillivray (+ know anyone else?), UCL (esp. Bentham)
  • Front page of – boxy setup as on
  • Editable wiki for activities: ‘Lightning Talks’
  • Add posts to OKF group wall
  • Email participants to encourage: Wiki edits and join okfn group
  • Sketch structure based on BarCamp / OpenSpaceTech

Meeting: 2011-08-02

James Harriman-Smith - August 2, 2011 in Minutes




Concerns over Text Camp venue
Activities for Text Camp
Promotion for Text Camp


Provide more details on text camp activities already listed
Add the following to list of activities:

  • Project showcase
  • Calendar
  • Central activity description

Once venue confirmed:

  • Email Ian for promo
  • Contact:Jonathan Gray, Gutenberg, ebook companies, print-on-demand

At end of event:

  • Aftermath blog post
  • Enter all contact details into highrise

Open Literature Bulletin: 2011-07-29

James Harriman-Smith - July 29, 2011 in Community, Minutes

News this week:

Some things that you might like to do:

  • Join us for a chat on Skype at 5pm on Monday 1st August (6pm in the UK, 7pm in Western Europe, 1pm in Massachusetts)
  • Email your comments on our mock-up edition of Hamlet to this list:
  • Comment on / email observations about the state of our application to Inventare il Futuro:
  • Tell me whether you think a print-on-demand edition of word of the day articles as a ‘Shakespeare A-Z’ would be a good idea / promotional tool for Open Shakespeare.

Open Literature Bulletin: 2011-07-22

James Harriman-Smith - July 22, 2011 in Community, Minutes

This bulletin was originally sent as an email to the members of the open-literature list. To join it, visit:

A Special announcement

OKF Text Camp – 13th August 2011, 10am-6pm, London
Tickets (free) on:
Details on:

Sundry news

  • now carries minutes of meetings, and copies of these mails under
  • now includes an archive of promotional material, and all the previous contents of the Open Shakespeare wiki
  • H G Wells society sent us an email on Monday saying that they are very interested by and that they will discuss using the anotator on their online editions of his works.
  • Open Shakespeare’s new words of the day this week: Vizard, Xantippe, Yoke, and Zany: all on – which now has one entry for every letter of the alphabet
  • In September, Open Shakespeare will carry a series of guest blog posts on the topic ‘Shakespeare and the Internet’: I have seven confirmed contributors from many different walks of life (actors, academics, bloggers) and look forward to organising others, especially those with a computer science background (if that’s you, let me know).

A few ideas on how to get involved:

  • Contribute a blog post on ‘Shakespeare and the Internet’: anything of between 500 and 1000 words in length that fits into this category will be very welcome. Just drop me a mail with any questions.
  • Book a place at Text Camp 2011, or suggest an activity
  • Write a WOTD article (some ideas: elephant, quail, garter)
  • Annotate a Shakespeare play: we’re getting near 700 individual comments now!

Meeting: 2011-07-18

James Harriman-Smith - July 19, 2011 in Community, Minutes


Rufus Pollock
James Harriman-Smith


Establish long-term aims for Open Literature
Establish short term actions


Integration into schools
Integration into universities
Spread internationally
Improvements to annotator: profile page, facebook



Write to annotator-dev re: treasure hunt
Text Camp: write Iain, write Kat for use of room on Friday 12th / Saturday 13th August
Skype-up: organise for Tuesdays – if that works for Iain


Connect to more blogs, write about them
Guest introducer for Hamlet prototype
More guest writers: introductions and blogs
List volunteering options on openliterature sidebar


Finish Introductions
Finish WOTDs: yoke, zany
Write Openlit / S piece


Invoice Rufus
Enter NESTA meeting people into highrise, tag with openlit, note date
Expand openlit wiki: move from (use open spending as a model), blurbs, links to pictures/big pdfs on
Create openshakespeare editor profile on annotateIT


NESTA application with arts partner (?)
Complete Inventare application


Install wordpress on local machine
Run tests for UI on balsamiq
Publish Hamlet prototype


RP: Fix Henry VI Introductions
RP: automate WOTD
RP: Fix stats page
RP: Change anonymous annotation users to Shakespeare

Meeting: 2011-07-06

James Harriman-Smith - July 11, 2011 in Minutes


James Harriman-Smith
Rufus Pollock



CMS: where we can post stuff including a blog … /{text}/….

What to do with Open Shakespeare?
1. Distinct site with texts, their annotations; statistical tools; intros
2. Part of Open Literature supersite


Found Open Literature website
Work out Open Shakespeare’s role

Meeting: 2011-07-06

James Harriman-Smith - July 11, 2011 in Minutes


James Harriman-Smith (JHS) Lucy Chambers (LC)
Kat Braybrooke


Founding a Working Group

  • Open Literature Working Group:



Art competition

  • UK art/illustration school shout-outs


JHS Flesh out open literature wiki
JHS Contact crowdfunder with proposal
JHS Write Crowdfunder proposal
JHS Call for art contributions: competition first in schools
JHS to contact humanities list about interested parties (suggest meetup in London)
JHS Open Literature Blog (Deprecate OpenShakespeare)
JHS Create Group on (use clipart for time being)
JHS to post idea to “aditya hari” & Kat Braybrooke.
JHS call for participation for tech-savvy people – mention as domain

LC to register
LC to give James openlit etherpad
LC to create

Minutes of Meeting: 2011-04-30

shakespeare - May 2, 2011 in Minutes, News, Shakespeare



To do:

  • Publish a ‘state of the project post’ on OKFN blog
  • Publicise site through contact with other projects:,
  • Publicise site: unis (NFP, fun for summer), Call For Papers
  • Investigate kickstarter
  • Organise May Week event, publicise with invitation for help over summer
  • Institute regular emails on openlit: monthly recap of volunteering/contributions, weekly drip feed of news and suggestion for contributions (one thing done, one thing needed – wotd, intro)
  • Sign up to open humanities mails: updates for okfn, advertise for openlit…
  • Prepare an Open Shakespeare presentation at OKCON Berlin