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Open Shakespeare: March and April

shakespeare - April 30, 2011 in Community, Minutes, Musings, News, Shakespeare

Annotation Sprint II

Our second annotation sprint, taking place at the end of Cambridge University term attracted contributions from all over the internet, particularly from the States. In Cambridge itself, our volunteers continued working on Hamlet, bringing the total number of annotations on this text to nearly 300.

Since this sprint, we have overhauled the aesthetics of the annotator, and added the ability to tag annotations. Work has also begun on other plays by Shakespeare, including: Henry IV pt 1, Much Ado about Nothing, Troilus and Cressida, and more.


The project continues to appear at various events in and around Cambridge. Upcoming appearances include:

  • ‘Humanities Research: the future might be digital’, 11am – 4pm 10th May 2011, CRASSH (Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities).
  • ‘Food for Thought’, 2pm – 5pm 27 June 2011, English Faculty Library, Cambridge.

We have also began collaboration with local schools in Cambridge in order to test the utility of the annotator tool for Key Stage 3 students of Macbeth.

Minutes of Meeting: 2011-2-13

openliterature - February 23, 2011 in Community, Minutes

Present: JHS, JB, RP

Annotation Sprint

Overall, a success, but could certainly benefit from an extended period of build-up and publicity.
A radio report on the event can be found here:
TCS (The Cambridge Student Newspaper) published an article on us too, available as a pdf here:


A new programmer will be working on the annotation tool, aiming to implement tagging.
Other useful features could include: line reference, filtering…


New word of the day logo!

British Library

RP and JHS will be speaking at the British Library on Thursday 24th February. Do get in touch with anything you’d like us to speak about.

Minutes of Meeting: 2010-01-16

openliterature - January 16, 2011 in Minutes



Under Discussion



RP: Fix the annotation login
RP: Set up annotation tags
JHS: Organise an ‘annotation sprint’ for one play to happen in the next few weeks: emails and draft basic details


  • JHS: Pass word documents through google docs to wordpress to test text encoding problems
  • JHS: advertise final few introductions on twitter and mailing lists
  • RP: Fix 1H6 bug
  • VCF: Write introduction to The Comedy of Errors

Other Media

  • JHS: Write Berkeley for information about copyright on their archive, with a view to using images as play logos
  • VCF: Contact friend specialised in Shakespeare and film
  • JHS: Organise publicdomain artwork competition?

Other Projects

  • RP: Migrate into the multisite …
  • VCF: Word of the Day
  • JHS: inaugurate Essays section with Macbeth work, launch an appeal for more contributions
  • JB: Write to school contacts for annotation trial in schools

Minutes of Meeting 2010-11-14

Rufus Pollock - November 15, 2010 in Minutes


HG (Heather), JB (Jack), NS (Nick), RP (Rufus)


  • HG demo’d update design for front page (it’s great!)
  • JG: “Ha” wotd done. Mystery on the way and Pericles intro to be done this week
  • JG to speak with colleagues about finding images for 5-10 shakespeare plays (need to be open)
  • Talked about an Open Shakespeare ‘text-day’ in which we critically annotate a whole shakespeare text

Minutes of Meeting 2010-10-24

Rufus Pollock - October 25, 2010 in Minutes


Present: Rufus Pollock, James Harriman-Smith, Jack Belloli, Heather Gorn


  • RP + NS: getting annotation working!
  • JHS + RP: Annotation: getting started
  • JHS: WordPress: /help page (contents of current guide or start a fresh?)
  • HG: you might look at the look of site and frontpage
    • Source images:
  • JB: 2x Word of the days
  • JB: talk with colleagues at Christs esp. re shakespeare and art
  • JHS: write a short post giving evidence and source for main moby texts …


  • Annotation
    • Getting started instructions
    • (and getting started box — code shared with WDMMG?)
    • Help page
    • NS: ‘wiki-annotation’ – common, collaborative created annotation
    • Not clear what login does (or is necessary) – OpenID login
    • No display of user
    • Only show my annotations
  • Heather’s views on the website:
    • Better UI
    • How do stuff …