‘That store of power you have’: Repositories

February 17, 2012 in Community, News, Technical

No Word of the Day this week, but an announcement instead. All the code behind Open Shakespeare, as well as the data is now freely available on GitHub. You can get to it with the following links:

This “store of power”, as Helena puts it at the end of All’s Well that Ends Well, has been around for a while, but the addition of the data puts the entirety of the project in one place. As well as the plays and poems, you will also find the Droeshout engraving of the bard, material from the Encyclopedia Britannica, and some useful scripts (capable, amongst other things, of using XSL to produce high quality PDFs via Latex).

If you have any questions about using the repository, check out the readme or get in touch with us on our mailing list. Making this stuff freely available is a key part of our belief in openness, and it would be truly wonderful to see other projects grow out of our own.

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