About Us

### Who we are

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Open Literature is an [Open Knowledge Foundation](http://www.okfn.org) project and has been created with the help of following people:

* Rufus Pollock
* James Harriman-Smith
* Iain Emsley
* Jonathan Gray
* Colette Sensier
* James Harriman-Smith
* Jack Belloli
* Emma Mustich
* Nika Engberg
* Adam Green
* Arabella Milbank
* Lottie Fenby
* Rachel Thorpe
* Hazel Wilkinson

### Our Aims

Open Literature has the ambition of bringing open-source tools to as much public-domain literature as possible, creating a platform for open-source literary criticism. Everything on this website is open, which means that code and non-private data is free to use, reuse and re-distribute. Currently we have the following authors in our library, which can be annotated, compared, and searched:

William Shakespeare, 1564-1616
John Milton, 1608-1674
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We also publish short introductions, critical appreciations, translations, and short ‘word of the day’ articles, all under an open licence, which will encourage reusability and dissemination of information in line with the Four Principles of Open Knowledge Development.

### Our Rationale

We note that:

– Much western literature has been digitised and placed online, but much of what is available is under copyright.
– Literature is thus an ideal candidate for an open project, freeing it for open-source programs and wider distribution.
– Such a project will be both illustrative, and innovative: always welcoming new ideas and new contributions towards its growth.

### Our Licences

All the material produced by the Open Shakespeare Project including all the content on this site is available under open licenses. Specifically:

* All code is licensed under the MIT License.
* All content and data is available under a CC Attribution License.

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