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‘O brave new world…’: The Future of Open Shakespeare is Open Literature

James Harriman-Smith - March 12, 2013 in Community, Musings, News, Releases, Technical

At the start of March 2013, went offline. Fear not: it will return in all its full annotating, comparing, analysing, searching, publishing glory soon, as an integral part of this website, where all its data, not least its introductions …

Shakespeare’s Birth and Shakespeare’s Death

James Harriman-Smith - May 1, 2012 in Essay, Musings, News, Review

This post was published by the Royal Shakesepare Company as part of their ‘Happy Birthday Shakespeare’ collection.

Shakespeare's GraveThe date of an author’s death is always more important than that of his birth. This is not to say that we shouldn’t …

‘Touching this vision’: Comments on Producing Shakespeare Visualisations

James Harriman-Smith - April 27, 2012 in Community, Essay, Musings, Technical, Texts

This post is written by Pat Lockley, who has put together a set of data visualisations for both Shakespeare‘s plays and Middleton‘s. These public-domain visualisations were discussed on Open Shakespeare recently, and Pat has kindly written the

Shakespeare Visualised

James Harriman-Smith - April 7, 2012 in Community, Essay, Musings, Technical, Texts

How can computers read Shakespeare? It’s a tricky one, not least because ‘reading Shakespeare’ is a bit of a tricky term: I am certain that everyone who reads a Shakespeare play or poem (let alone seeing them performed), reads them …

Book Review: Eric Rasmussen, The Shakespeare Thefts

James Harriman-Smith - November 18, 2011 in Essay, Musings, Review

The Shakespeare Thefts begins and ends in the same place, with a preface briefly sketching the genesis of the first edition of Shakespeare’s collected works, and an appendix adding a little detail on the topic. Between these two descriptions, Eric …

Open Shakespeare presented at NESTA Event

James Harriman-Smith - July 8, 2011 in Musings, News

My trip to speak at a ‘digital day’ organised as part of the new ‘Digital Fund for Arts and Culture’ by NESTA (National Endowment for Science Technology and the Arts) was eye-opening, to say the least. I thought I’d put …

Open Shakespeare at OKCon 2011

openliterature - July 3, 2011 in Musings, News, Shakespeare, Technical

OKCon 2011, at the Kalkscheune buildings in Berlin, was fantastic, and I thought it would be a good idea to publish a few reflections on some of the stuff that was going on there, both for the benefit of …

“Time travels in diverse paces”: An Update on Open Shakespeare

openliterature - June 26, 2011 in Community, Musings, News, Shakespeare

May and a month that has only belatedly met the standard of what Shakespeare calls “hot Junes” have passed since last I wrote an update about Open Shakespeare. As ever, quite a bit has been done on …

Online Editions of Shakespeare

openliterature - January 15, 2011 in Community, Musings, Technical, Texts

The story of Shakespeare on the internet is a tangled tale, and this post is an attempt to unravel it. In expounding the advantages and shortcomings of online editions, I hope also to explain a few of the problems Open …

Shakespeare and Media

openliterature - July 29, 2010 in Community, Musings, News, Publicity, Texts

I spent much of this afternoon perusing the materials available at Shakespeare’s Staging, after its director got in touch with Open Shakespeare. Amongst all the images of past productions, my favourite was one of the earliest: a drawing of …